Brian “Yogi” Davies

“Who is that new chap?”

“ Duw he’s some lad from Cerrig aye, footballer got a red card and wants to keep fit while he’s banned”

“He’ll be alright on the wing for the seconds but I don’t think he’ll stick it”

That was Brian’s introduction to Bala Rugby Club or with hindsight it was more like Bala Rugby Clubs introduction to “ Yogi”. Certainly the “footballer” from Cerrig did not take long to show his skills with the oval ball and his natural talent to read the game and be “ in the right place at the right time”.

Certainly the “footballer” from Cerrig did not take long to show his skills with the oval ball and his natural talent to read the game and be “ in the right place at the right time”. In his first season 1985 -1986 he received the “Most promising newcomer” trophy and in the words of the coach Bob Thomas “I think he’s here to stay”. You hit the nail on the head there Bob!!!!!
During the next very successful few years Bala had two Brian’s playing at centres, Brian “Yogi” Davies and Brian Lloyd the blacksmith from Llanfor. By no stretch of the imagination were they the two fastest things on two legs or even the most athletic to ever wear the number 12 and 13 since William Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran with it in 1876 but as many an opposing centre noted “ It was like running into a brick wall”. The comments were quite similar when the two combined to attack the opposition (this was very much dependant on receiving the ball from Robin “Penlan” Roberts the Outside Half!!!. Many a time the mutterings of the opposition were heard to be “brick shithouses” and “after you”!!!!!
These were the days of the legendary trips “down South” to play in the Brewers Cup. The trips when” Yogi” was always in the thick of it either on the field or in the bar. Always one of the last members of the late night drinking club to retire for the night!! In fact his Guinness drinking became legendary and although not being endowed with much musical talent ( Simon Cowell would not be one of his fans for sure) he was always a proud member of G Rhys Jones’s male voice choir. This choir entertained with their heart wrenching renditions of “Myfanwy” and “The Piano man” in rugby clubs from Raglan to Rhigos and in one nightclub for men who like other men in Cardiff!!!!!. On the field or in the bar Yogi could only give 100%.

Childrens card to Yogi

In time the club faced a crisis – no loose head prop forwards and as an example of his loyalty and commitment “ Yogi” volunteered. Not possessing the physical attributes of a prop forward
s ( Usually they are big fat and static) Yogi was however extremely strong but more important had “Calon”. The nearest translation of Calon is “ Heart of a Lion”.
Because of his smaller than usual frame for a prop forward Yogi set about learning and honing his scrumaging technique so that he could survive the dark going on of the front row brothership.He insisted on hours and hours of endless practise on the scrumaging machine pushing Land Rovers and tractors around the training ground much to his amusement. His commitment was again 100% come rain or shine sleet or snow he never missed a training session and set an example for others less committed to follow.
The comments received from other front rows are a testament to the days when the Bala tight five were a part of North Wales Rugby folklore. Something Brian is very proud of to this day and brings a smile to his face when he remembers the battles he’s faced.

“ The bugger put my face in the mud every time”

“Jesus he had a nasty pinch on him like a crab”


One of his great pleasures was hearing the opposition opting for a lineout instead of facing a scrum or changing his opposite prop because they couldn’t cope with the “footballer from Cerrig”. It was a pleasure to see him grinning like a Cheshire cat when he came up from a scrum.
As the years passed players came and went but although he entered into married life ( only a police woman could keep tabs on him) and became father to Ilan and Teleri somehow Yogi managed to find time to give them and the rugby club 100%.
Over the last few years as the club developed to field teams from under 9 to under 19 Brian again showed total commitment in dedicating himself to coaching and sharing his experience and vision for the game with these young people. He was the perfect role model for them and taught them skills and techniques but more importantly self discipline.

Yogi’s day must have 36 hours in it because not only was he playing, training, coaching ( rugby and football) and supervising children’s matches on Sunday he also marked the pitches, cut the fields and hedges was a husband a father and was in full time employment at Ifor Williams Trailers.

In the last few seasons with Bala struggling to find a first team hooker Brian again stepped forward with the same dedication and energy and made the no 2 shirt his.

Words can not really express the contribution of the “footballer from Cerrig” to the development of Bala Rugby Club or our heartfelt desire as players and friends to see him back in our midst.


It could be that the words of one of Yogis under nines team says it all on our behalf.

“Get well soon Uncle Yogi – you’re the best coach we’ve ever had – you’re one of our best mates.

From the mouths of babes!!!!!!!!!!!

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